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An Anxious, Wobbly Church

“We’re not getting any younger…..” Is probably one of the phrases I hear most in church congregations locally.  The Church of England feels very wobbly at the moment.  Congregations are ageing and not seeing where the new generation of believers … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Nativity Set

There was once a woman who loved Christmas with all her heart. She had just one wish, to own a beautiful nativity set of her very own. The neighbours would deck their houses with lights, more and more impressive each … Continue reading

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Getting Off The Treadmill

When I became a Vicar, I thought I was setting off on a wonderful journey, to do great things for God.  I was prepared for it to be scary and difficult.  I was up for that.  But I was not … Continue reading

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“She’s Given Up”

She was a woman who made me wince, every time her name came up on my phone.  It would always be a long, long moan. Round and round and round it would be go – and she would expect me … Continue reading

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But what have *you* got to be depressed about, Vicar?

In response to a high profile figure being outed as having depression, sooner or later someone will say, “But he’s rich, famous and successful, what has HE got to be depressed about? My shameful confession is – I have nothing … Continue reading

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God Gave Rock and Roll to You (but not to me)

Heavy Metal Hymns at a Christian Arts festival. Not my natural habitat – but a friend’s band* was playing so there I was. I felt very ignorant when the lead singer explained to us that we were going to experience … Continue reading

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Cracked pots and treasure

The problem with being a Vicar is: You’ll never do all that needs to be done.  You can never be all things to all people – and people can have such high expectations of what they “need” the Vicar to … Continue reading

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No-one told me these things either…

More things that I have had to figure out for myself… If the phone rings at 5 past 9 on a Monday morning, it is probably a funeral director. It’s a little known fact that the animals in Noah’s ark … Continue reading

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Nobody ever told me…

There are some things that I learnt at theological college: important things like ethics and the stages of grief and how to preach. There are other things I learnt from the Vicar who trained me: important things, like how to … Continue reading

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What makes a Ridiculous Vicar?

A Vicar who is prone to getting the giggles at deeply inappropriate moments.   “But that bald head was so BIG….I could have done a HUGE ash cross on it” A Vicar who feels deeply guilty about overworking – and yet … Continue reading

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