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The Gospel According To Bagpuss

Did you grow up watching Bagpuss? A young girl named Emily owns a shop. (This oddity is never explained) She goes out and finds things that are lost and broken and brings them back to her shop. The creatures who … Continue reading

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An Anxious, Wobbly Church

“We’re not getting any younger…..” Is probably one of the phrases I hear most in church congregations locally.  The Church of England feels very wobbly at the moment.  Congregations are ageing and not seeing where the new generation of believers … Continue reading

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Radical Self Care? What would that look like?

I was browsing the internet the other day in a distracted sort of way, when the title of an article caught my eye.  “The Secrets of Radical Self Care.”  I was pretty excited about that.  Bog-standard, ordinary self-care has been … Continue reading

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I made a thing and I had a thought.

I made a quilt to use as a chair cover for a very comfortable but ugly chair.  I’ve never done anything like that before and I was kind of making it up as I went along. It’s not very expertly … Continue reading

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A Letter to my Future Self – 6 Months on

Dear Claire, How’s it going? I hope the whole, “easing back into work” thing has been going ok. I’m writing this at the end of April, as I’m just about to start easing back in – a Phased Return. It’s … Continue reading

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On not being ever so useful…

What happens when you’re deeply committed to working hard to earn approval from people and from God, and then you are forced to stop? I’m exhausted and signed off work sick and I’m not doing anything busy to earn anyone’s … Continue reading

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Don’t hide, don’t run

I was sent this poem by a good friend, during a particularly difficult time.  I come back to it again and again (and have even memorised it) because it does me so much good. I often want to share it … Continue reading

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“My friend has depression – how can I help them?”

What’s helpful, or unhelpful when you’re supporting a friend with depression? I can’t answer that in an authoritative way, I can only speak for myself. Depression shows itself differently in each person, it can vary enormously in severity, symptoms and … Continue reading

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Giving up Church for Lent

In previous years I’ve given up various things for Lent, fizzy drinks, Farmville, or snacking between meals. Some years, I’ve taken something up instead, reading a poem a day, or trying out a particular way of praying. This year, I’m … Continue reading

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Depression and Prayer

I was mulling over, recently, what it would be like to not have depression any more. It’s tempting to think of “getting back to normal”, and “going back to how I used to be”, but maybe it’s not that simple. … Continue reading

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