No-one told me these things either…

More things that I have had to figure out for myself…

  • If the phone rings at 5 past 9 on a Monday morning, it is probably a funeral director.
  • It’s a little known fact that the animals in Noah’s ark were accompanied by Power Rangers, The Flying Scotsman and a Teletubby or two.  When dinosaurs get put into the ark, it raises all sorts of interesting theological possibilities….but a toddler group is not the place to explore these.
  • Beer is an acquired taste – but it is well worth the time taken to acquire it – especially if you live in a brewery town!
  • Shredding a big pile of newspapers is a far more exciting activity for kids than all the most carefully prepared crafts.  This should be swiftly followed by the competition, “Let’s see who can stuff bits of shredded newspaper into a black bin bag the fastest!”
  • God can and does speak to you, through the most unexpected people.
  • There is always something more to say about church central heating.  If possible marry someone who can have these conversations for you, and just summarise the important bits.   Make a careful decision whether you actually want to learn how the central heating is set or not.  If you know how to do it, people will expect you to use that information.  If you can plead utter ignorance, people will go elsewhere!
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